Darius Slay Jr. Believes Teammate Will Become Best WR in NFL

August 25, 2023

Athlete Studio

Cleveland Browns' talented cornerback Denzel Ward has already made a name for himself as a two-time Pro Bowl selection. On the other hand, Philadelphia Eagles' wide receiver DeVonta Smith, a rookie in the NFL, is yet to earn individual accolades. However, his teammate Darius Slay, a Pro Bowler in five of the past six seasons, believes it's only a matter of time before Smith reaches the pinnacle of success.

During practice sessions, Slay, who, like Ward, has had the opportunity to cover Smith, expressed his confidence in the young receiver's growth. On Tuesday, Slay boldly proclaimed that fans are witnessing Smith's journey towards becoming the best wide receiver in the NFL, stating that it is "destined for him."

According to Slay, Smith's route-running ability sets him apart from his peers. Even as a rookie, Smith's proficiency in adjusting to different defensive strategies has impressed Slay. He commended Smith's unique skill of adapting mid-press, showcasing his body control and the ability to make acrobatic catches.

Slay recounted a particular one-on-one drill where he covered Smith's seven cut exceptionally well. However, Smith displayed his athleticism and talent by making an incredible acrobatic catch behind him. This incident, among others, has convinced Slay that Smith possesses all the necessary tools to excel in his position.

As DeVonta Smith continues to develop and gain experience in the NFL, his teammate Darius Slay firmly believes that he is on the path to becoming the best wide receiver in the league. With his exceptional route-running ability, body control, and adaptability, Smith's potential seems limitless.

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