WATCH: Darius Slay's Press Conference at Eagles Training Camp

August 10, 2022

Darius Slay

Following practice on Sunday, Darius Slay met with reporters and spoke about going against A.J. Brown in training camp and the improvements he's seen from QB Jalen Hurts. When discussing the daily battles with wide receiver A.J. Brown, Darius Slay said "he's a big physical guy, I needed help with big physical guys, he needed help with fast guys, so we're helping each other out right now." When asked about the growth he's seen in Jalen Hurts over the offseason he said highlighted Jalen's improved leadership saying, "he's always been talented...knowing how to control this team, be a leader, a guy that can motivate us, and lead us in the right direction."

Check out the full press conference here